Participants 2016

Digital campaign


When Science Meets Innovation

When people hear “science”, words like “complicated” and “extremely hard to understand” pop up in their mind.

Faced with the challenge to change this perception, M3 Communications Group, Inc. was thrilled to execute a digital campaign for one of the major events in the global scientific world – the XII annual conference “Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water”. The forum gathered some of the greatest scientific minds in the world, including the Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier and discoverer of the HIV virus, who all shared their groundbreaking researches.

To engage not only the scientific community, but the general public globally, M3 Communications Group, Inc. employed top-notch approaches, developed out-of-the-box ideas and executed an interactive online campaign that had the potential to impact on an international level. And it did so successfully.

From catchy designs, through live event streams and impactful online ad campaign, M3 Communications Group, Inc. has developed a full-scale, multilayered digital campaign that in just two months (September – October 2017) exceeded all expectations.

Mass buzz was created – people from 90 countries were actively engaged online, representatives of more than 10 nationalities attended the event, numerous partnerships and sponsorships were ensured, the forum was covered by major Bulgarian media outlets, including bTV, Bulgaria on Air, BNT and BNR, and was established as the scientific event of the year in Bulgaria.