Участници 2018

Дебют на годината – кампания за нов продукт или услуга


Stolichno Your Opinion

As a PR agency we were briefed to introduce Stolichno’s new and rebranded cans to the wider audience and therefore generate uplift in sales across the whole Stolichno segment. All clear buddy – by focusing on people living in Bulgaria’s major cities, which are always looking for something new to try, we were going introduce Stolichno’s brand new cans. They are made especially for people who are always looking for something new and fresh. And, considering that spring and summer are just around the corner, everything that is new and fresh will be more than welcome. Or at least the new cans by Stolichno. But along the way we wanted to achieve something much more important than that - to give the people the chance to share their opinion about the new Stolichno cans, regardless if it’s positive, negative or neutral.

Why? Because Stolichno is a brand that always aspires to be different than the others. It’s not just a goal, it’s a mentality. That’s why Stolichno is not afraid of the harsh truth and without any hesitation gives his consumers the possibility to praise or criticize them. Some may love them and some may hate them. But hey - nobody’s perfect (except Superman, of course).