Участници 2018

Корпоративен ПР


When Luxury Becomes a Way of Life

Unique Estates is the first luxury property company in Bulgaria with over 12 years of history. Over a decade now, it has had the task ahead to establish the exclusive segment in the market, to change the perception of luxury of the local customers and to attract international clients to invest in real estate in the country.

The company has a truly unique approach of personal attitude, polite engagement and positive involvement of its clients and team, which has needed to be enhanced and further expanded into a broad, proactive and systematic communication strategy devoted to media, competitors, employees, future team members, stakeholders, potential clients, communities.

Over the past two years M3 Communications Group, Inc. has selectively engaged publics, developed communication ideas and upscaled the professional attitude of the company to go beyond its business and attract local perseverance and global attention.