Участници 2018

Специално събитие


360 degrees experience for all senses by Coca-Cola

In 2017, Coca-Cola introduced a revolutionary strategy for the first time in the 130 years of the history of the legendary brand – the so called “Master Brand” strategy. Over the years, in response to the demands for diversity in tastes and sugariness, the Coca-Cola system was continuously developing and introducing various beverages under different sub-brands. The concept of the “One Brand” strategy was to present its most recognizable brands Coca-Cola Classic and Coca-Cola Zero under the same identity – united in one brand, with equivalent overall positioning, design and style, offering the favorite Coca-Cola taste in two alternatives – with or without sugar.
APRA PN BCG received the challenging proposal to create an event equivalent to the exclusivity of the Coca-Cola strategy. In order to meet the expectations of the client and the public we to organized an event that combined different approaches, each activating one of the human senses. It included a VR visualization of the history of Coca-Cola and a 3D mapping projection combined with the performance of rhythmic gymnastics players and acrobats. One of the best Bulgarian dancers performed an exceptional dance with a hologram. The last sense to satisfy – our ears, was activated by the musical performance of one of the most beloved singers in Bulgaria. Thus, we created one 360 Degrees experience for all senses.