Участници 2018

Агенция на годината



PR Play is a specialized agency in the field of health and pharmaceutical PR and is the largest in this sector. Profiling in a particular sector is at the heart of the company's success. The team employs leading experts with extensive experience in healthcare, working for health institutions, pharmaceutical companies and health journalists.

In 2018, the PR play agency celebrated 10 years on the market. These 10 years have begun with no investments and with two-person-team. In 2008 we started work with two clients. We had just signed our first two service contracts and negotiated our first projects, when in 2009 the world was shaken by the global financial crisis. All projects were suspended, our clients' budgets were frozen, and two months later one of our two clients went bankrupt. This has forced us to seriously rethink our strategy and the projected business model. Our only chance was to turn the defect into effect. After a serious analysis of the situation we were in, we came to the conclusion that only the pharmaceutical industry was not affected by the crisis. So we redirected to the healthcare sector. While everything was sinking into anti-crisis measures and cutting budgets, our agency made its first steps in healthcare PR. In just a few years, the agency became the best in the sector. In the years of crisis, the agency has seen a steep revenue growth, adding new customers and services every year, earning its first awards.