Участници 2018

Кампания за изграждане на работодателска марка


Communicating Experian’s EVP in Bulgaria

The project on communicating the EVP of Experian in Bulgaria is at the same time innovative, impactful on a large scale, and very meaningful for the company both internally and for building its public image as an employer. The goal was to create a set of tools, skills and content, that could help confidently build the perceptions of Experian on the external market and what it feels like to be part of the company. The innovative element lies in our unique approach – based on marketing and communication techniques and adapted to the needs of Experian’s Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding. We developed four Personas – custom-made generalized representations of the ideal candidates that Experian would like to attract for its open positions. The project has a large-scale impact as we involved close to a hundred of the managers and employees into gaining a deep understanding of the personas and identifying the true compelling benefits, which they could offer to attract new people to join the organization. Then, we equipped all participants with new presentation skills that they can use to communicate with the personas in an authentic and impactful way. As a result, we got a new channel of communication – enthused and engaged Experian ambassadors with a greater willingness to engage and represent Experian on various events and occasions and a newly found confidence in telling the Experian stories.