Участници 2018

Комуникационна кампания на годината



Sprite has a strong background as a brand related to the graffiti community in Bulgaria. Since 2003, when was held the first Sprite Graffiti Fest, the brand has built a strong tradition with the municipality of Sofia of allowing teens/youth to express their artistry freely & legally through graffiti. Throughout the years the events attracted not only artists, but also people who are aspired to urban culture. Various add-ons and changes were made year after year, even the first Graffiti Cyrillic font in 2014! Sprite used to be an expected event associated with graffiti arts in urban environment with musical and dance performance, extreme urban sport demonstration, contemporary arts and culture expression.
In 2017 Sprite launched new campaign under the slogan BORN TO RFRSH. The idea behind is to inspire generation Z by refreshing and providing new points of view on their “MOST IMPORTANT TENSION”. Their passion points will also be refreshed. Sprite was reborn to refresh teen’s thirst and change their world in a cut through, intense & refreshing way. By taking what is already written and rewriting it to make it fit into their world.