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Wizz Air – Overbooking Case

Imagine you are a PR company which has won a big international client. You must inform media and institutions about this, because you are taking over the public communications of the client. What would you do? A press release, an emailing to everyone or maybe a media event? No, think again. The fastest and most efficient way to do so is simply to face a crisis.

In end-August 2017, M3 Communications became the PR agency of Wizz Air in Bulgaria. On the first day of the contract, the biggest ever crisis of Wizz Air in the country emerged. On August 29th, 23 passengers of the WIZZ flight Sofia-London were denied boarding due to overbooking. In the next 2 days, the number of passengers unable to get on board, piled up to over 60 and the Bulgarian Minister of Transport ordered a check of the airline to be initiated.

A few hours after the crisis broke, the office of M3 Communications turned into a call center. Journalists from all Bulgarian media started calling to request information. It seemed all media had quickly learned Wizz Air has a new PR agency and it is M3.

In just 48 hours the number of negative articles like: “Wizz Air left 23 passengers on the airport” and “Total Chaos at Wizz Air”, reached 250! Thanks to the timely reaction, professional approach and ideas of M3 Communications the crisis was handled in 72 hours. Not a single article was published without Wizz Air’s official position and with the launch of additional flight by M3 idea, the problem was solved.