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L’Oreal IT Day

What are the most common problems in an average office? Well, they appear to be computer-related issues – like “My computer doesn’t power on”, “My email is not working”, “My screen went black”, “My computer blocked”, “My emails come with delay”, „I am running out of storage”, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could fix such daily computer issues on their own, instead of being dependent on that grumpiest colleague in the office – the IT guy?

As of spring 2017, there is one office in Bulgaria where this has become reality, the office of L’Oreal Bulgaria. Because of a simple and well-planned internal communication campaign – called L’Oreal IT Day, all L’Oreal employees can now deal with basic IT problems on their own. The internal campaign was focused on the importance of computer knowledge, better time management and internal communication with its peak being a one-day IT training.

Today, half a year later the results of the campaign are more than positive. There is no more tension between the IT team and all the other teams at the office of L’Oreal Bulgaria, all employees have improved computer skills, data storage and management knowledge, and can organize their emails and computer time better on their own.