Участници 2018

Кризисен ПР


Stolichno Amber – anticipated

As a PR agency we were briefed to introduce Stolichno Amber Pils on the market. Therefore, we prepared an integrated communication campaign in all channels that was ready to be executed following the action plan.

As life happens sometimes, plans are not always to be fulfilled and soon turned out that the product had been distributed to the stores prematurely. Just a small mistake from the sales team.

As unbelievable as it may sound this was not a crisis, but rather an opportunity for us to showcase a different strategy and a different way of creativity.

Pressed by the circumstances, this is the time when best ideas come to life. And sometimes the little rocks among the way help us to achieve even bigger, better things – same with this case – Stolichno Amber turned out to be one of the most anticipated and memorable brands the company has to offer.