Participants 2016

Agency of the Year


Performing while transforming

Publicis Consultants MSLGROUP is one of the leading PR agencies on the local market, part of Publicis One Bulgaria - the largest specialized group for marketing communications in the country.

2016 was a year of change. The Publicis One business model was launched globally and locally. This was a huge step forward where we didn’t know exactly how it will work or reflect on our daily work and mindset. At the same time out there are empowered clients, shifting public attitudes, brand new contenders and so much more. In order to keep our relevance among current and potential clients we had to manage change and uncertainty as a key pre-requisite.

We literally broke walls, changed roles, lost people, motivation and sense of security, but at the same time we moved to another level of collaboration with the other units from the group, stopped thinking about the numbers and started to focus more on the outcome, creativity and leadership and we successfully found new talents to join us in this journey. This was, if not the most difficult, then certainly the most demanding year in our history. We had to adapt quickly. The main motto was “performing while transforming” and we managed to offer our clients and employees the entire know-how and expertise through the Power of One. We created leading strategies and powerful ideas that allowed our clients and campaign not just to stand out frоm the crowd, but also to become unique and positively discussed among the general public.