Participants 2016

Employer Branding Campaign


Pura Vida

Pura Vida is one of the most fresh and challenging Employer Branding campaigns of Dynamo Software. The innovative bulgarian IT company sent its employees on beach exported office in Costa Rica for one month. Dynamo Software launched its HR project with 4 employees, as have the ambition to become a long-term practice of the company. The project was named Pura Vida, expression, became very popular from the eponymous film of Gilberto Soares, which means ‘the joy of simple things in life and how to enjoy them.’
Pura Vida project was born to prove that the IT business it’s not boring all-day-standing on one desk job – just the opposite. Employees of IT companies have the rear chance to be able to do their job from each point of the world, on any place and time. They need just a stable internet connection and their skills.