Participants 2016

Cause-related marketing campaign


Arthur – The Christmas Miracle

This is a different communication project telling the unforgettable story of a guide dog which survived after the very first cardiopulmonary bypass made in Bulgaria.
Thanks to the revolutionary intervention, successfully performed by real professionals, the Labrador Arthur continued assisting its owner in their common, hard but inspiring experience. The Bulgarian team of Eyes on four paws, the Central Vet Clinic’s veterinarians and the City Clinic’s doctors united efforts and capacities not only to save Arthur’s life but to make the wide public believe in the willpower and humanity. The deployment of the communications had the objective to raise the social awareness and understanding about the relationship between the blind people and their guide dogs. The implemented information strategy was a low budget campaign whose mission was to identify the disabled people’s needs and to underline the animal’s role in their independent being. In a matter of several months, this unprecedented CSR campaign, consisting of a lifesaving surgery communicated via engaging messages has proved its positive influence on the social perceptions.