Participants 2016

Innovative Campaign


Get moving if you’ve stopped with NESCAFE®3in1

Generation Z is the first one of digital natives, thus one of the most challenging target group in terms of PR and communications. They spend most of their spare time online. So how to attract their attention in the digital era where we see numerous online messages every single second? Well, by giving them an opportunity to have fun, be creative, spend time with friends and connect with their idols in an innovative way. Our aim was to give the young people a compelling reason to make NESCAFE®3in1 an irreplaceable part of their lives, make them believe that 3in1 can unlock their energy and inspire them to create & experience new entertaining moments.

We developed an integrated campaign by using the popular digital GIF format and challenged the core target group (male, female 16-24 years old) to record with friends their own GIFs showing the NESCAFE®3in1 effect and upload it on the platform

The communication was supported by 13 of the most popular Bulgarian idols in various areas. Musicians, dancers, bloggers and gamers participated in one of a kind LIVE GIF Chats by responding to their fans in real time with GIF answers.

Additional marketing tools were used in order to boost participation and generate awareness, as well as to communicate the Big Prize. The project achieved high results in terms of participation and customer involvement and above all - a tremendous WOM effect, making the campaign one of the most discussed trough social media channels.