Participants 2016

Special event


Sprite Graffiti Academy

Sprite Graffiti Academy (SGA) is one of the most fresh Sprite’s events. It has a strong background as a brand related to the graffiti community in Bulgaria. Since 2003, when was held the first Sprite Graffiti Fest the brand has built a strong tradition with the municipality of Sofia of allowing teens/youth to freely express their artistic expression through graffiti.
Traditionally, Sprite Graffiti used to be a celebration of urban arts. Sprite enabled graffiti writers to show off with their skills and compete vs others. Throughout the years the events attracted not only artists, but also people who are aspired to urban culture. Various add-ons and changes were made year after year, even the first Graffiti Cyrillic font in 2014!
The fest used to be an expected event for the young graffiti artists and teens providing them opportunity to freely and legally express their artistic skills and develop their talent through graffiti. Sprite fest is associated with graffiti arts in urban environment with musical and dance performance, extreme urban sport demonstration, contemporary arts and culture expression.