Participants 2016

Internal Communications Campaign


Nescafe: The Path of Coffee Starts with Care

Investment in human resources and education is the best investment in the future a company can do. Led by this belief, Nescafe Bulgaria and M3 Communications Group, Inc. united forces in 2016 to create and organize an internal campaign that will feel Nescafe employees really special and involved with the company’s goals and heritage.

In the course of one whole working week Nescafe employees had the chance to learn interesting facts about the company, about coffee, to participate in entertaining games and activities, to learn the whole way coffee goes through from the field to the coffee cup and this way – to feel a little bit more connected to the Nestle corporation they are part of, to feel inseparable part of the Nestle family.

More than 500 employees participated in the campaign. More than 500 smiles were photographed and can be seen on photo magnets all over the Nestle factory in Sofia to recall employees the happy Nestle family they are members of.