Participants 2016

Digital campaign


The Apple‘s Thief

When asked by strangers what he does at parties, The Apple‘s Thief pauses, then offers this up as his job title: "I'm stealing in order to make people smile." Eyebrows arch. Heads tilt. But what do you actually do? The short answer: steal whatever I damn well want.
Once there was a cider, called The Apple’s Thief, ready to enter the Bulgarian cider market, by shaking up the competitors a little rough. From becoming a professional billboard stealer, to smooth negotiator, who tricks television presenters to lobby for his signature replica – “Тhe stolen apples taste best”, to a journalist, covering the news in Bulgaria and the ultimate real-time marketing social media master, the Apple’s Thief is convinced that there is only one thing worth doing wholeheartedly – thief the best of now. But how, Thief? How?