Participants 2016

Innovative Campaign


Max 4G - Live Streaming of the Military Parade

The 4th largest mobile operator in Bulgaria Max Telecom offers the fastest 4G mobile Internet in the country however it was operating under new ownership and had to withstand to the longstanding competition on the market. We had to launch an innovative PR campaign to increase company's image among current and potential customers, create greater awareness about the services of Max as an important player in the mobile Internet in Bulgaria, along with the big three mobile operators, add value to consumers. We established our core strategy around consumers as the main driver for the brand and interacted with them through consistent communication and attractive project.

Our idea, Max to test the 4G service in the air and realize a unique project for Bulgaria - the first ever live streaming of the military air squadrons on the occasion of the Saint George's Day. On that day, the military holds a parade in Bulgaria’s capital of Sofia. Our idea was to demonstrate that Max 4G service is available not only from the ground but from the air as well via live streaming of the military parade through Max`s 4G technology with footage in real time from the cockpits of helicopters and fighter jets - participants in the parade.

The project was conducted from April to May and the streaming was done perfectly on 6th May. The Agency reached an exceptional public visibility of the project as well generated a significant dialogue and sharing on Max’s services and the brand as a whole.