Participants 2016

Digital campaign


Pooh – The First Bionic Cat

When Bulgarian stray Pooh lost his hind legs in an accident, the doctors from the Central Veterinary Clinic in Sofia and animal charity foundation “Let's Adopt Bulgaria” decided to try out a groundbreaking procedure. SiteMedia Consultancy was invited to join as a communication partner - the agency had to prepare and implement the entire communication strategy and to tell the inspiring story about Pooh – the first Bulgarian bionic cat. This zero budget project aimed to raise the public awareness about how we treat the pets and how important they could be in our life.
The communication was precisely planned and the series of approaches were implemented – inspiring press release was distributed, special movie from the entire 6-weeks period of Pooh’s recovery was uploaded in social media and sent to a lot of bloggers, influencers and electronic media in Bulgaria. Having in mind that one of the objectives of the campaign was the news to be announced outside Bulgaria as well, Site Media Consultancy prepared a special social media strategy, in order the story to go viral and to reach wider audiences outside Bulgaria. The campaign reached more than 1000 articles in 64 countries in the five continents of the world and thousands of shares in the social media.