Participants 2016

Communication Campaign of the Year


Stolichno Pale Bock

As a PR agency we were briefed to introduce Pale Bock to the wider audience and therefore generate uplift in sales across the whole Stolichno segment. All clear buddy – by focusing on people living in Bulgaria’s major cities, which are always looking for something new to try, we were going to launch an urban mix of complementary on- and off-line activities, some nice events as well as cool “smart sampling” approach in order to force and abuse every single owned and paid media channel we can. Okay, it was almost but not quite there. Actually we wanted much more than this.

Why? Because Stolichno is a brand trying everything in order not to be like the others. It’s not just a philosophy, it’s a DNA. That’s why Stolichno is not offering a lager or pilsner to its customers, but bock and weis alternatives. The campaign was built in the context of the quite nostalgic Bulgarian beer market where Stolichno decided to launch Pale Bock – a strong beer with a taste that has nothing in common with the good old times.

Stolichno Pale Bock was born in the times when beer is something more than just two types.