Participants 2016

Special event


Mtel Media Masters “A finger on the trigger”

Nowadays everyone is part of the largest information flow that ever existed – daily we are capturing and spreading news, events, personal information and gossips. In order to find another perception of this issue we decided to expose the dark side of a popular cliché: something a mobile operator has never done before.
“They know who we are. They know what we do. Because we show it all. We let them in our best-kept territory. Private space is already a myth. We take pictures, we post, we tag, we share, we comment. We shorten the distance. We seek recognition. We collect followers. We approach strangers and bare ourselves, hoping to be approached in return. We watch and we are put under surveillance at the same time, with our finger on the trigger” – in Mtel Media Masters 2016 opening titles.
Mtel Media Masters is Bulgaria’s one and only journalism contest, setting the highest industry standards nationwide by awarding with professional recognition. On the way of expanding the territories of the qualitative journalism, in 2016 the contest took entirely different approach. It became a meeting of the commercial voyeur with “a real modern demon, a wise hooligan” – the photographer Erwin Olaf. We provoked him to engage in an honest conversation with МММ and to put his “finger on the trigger” and create the new great story about innovative technologies and the way they disrupt human communications and creativity.As result МММ’16 became one of the most successful events in its history