Participants 2016

Communication Campaign of the Year


Reverse your vision

The campaign "REVERSE YOUR VISION“ was conducted in the period June 2016–February 2017 by Intelday, within the project Roma Health Scholarship Program for Roma students in medical universities and colleges, supported by OSF-Budapest. The aim was to promote the success stories of young Roma who study medical specialties and help combat negative stereotypes towards Roma. Intelday produced a short video with the students and organized a photo session cross related content wise and launched in Sofia a provocative outdoor photo exhibition with portraits of the participants in the program. In the first few days the portraits were turned upside down. The camera turns the images upside down, just as the human eye - on the retina things are turned down, but our brain put them in the "right direction". Similarly, the prejudices in our minds change the way we perceive the world. Our provocation aimed people to ask if they are ready to overturn their perceptions and to look at these young people without bias, to see them as they truly are. We gathered in the garden and the people from the portraits turned up his own portrait. Symbolically we opposed stereotypes that stigmatize a community without a reason. The exhibition continued to travel across the country, sharing promotional materials and messages of the campaign. Media interest multiplied the effect of the initiative and added for improving the image of the Roma community and the integration of young Roma in the medical profession.