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Agency of the Year


United Partners - Agency of the year

2016 was an exciting year for United Partners (UP).If we don’t change&grow we die, so we focused on growingUP with the help of world expert -Verne Harnish.We hired new amazing people; won a lot of clients; won our 1st award for BEST INTL campaign. Our new strategy: PEOPLE–have the best talents&clients can choose teams; INNOVATIVE–be tech savy; RESULTS– obsessed by client results.In order to stay inspired, we defined our BHAG:BE TESLA in PR:Innovative/trendsetter/desired. All the evidence points to an year of meteoric growth in all sectors we work in.Our revenue growth is 30%.We launched new website. We made some big strategic changes: STRUCTURE: to best serve clients, we created 5UP model: INNOVATORS(strategists); INSIGHTERS:research/analysis/digital;CREATIVE COOKS;WONDER-MAKING WIZARDS (client relations); LINKERS (external relations). CULTURE: We hired Chief Happiness Officer,did tons of activities &build a happiness culture. SERVICES: new services leading to growth via integrating UP’s strengths in strategic advice with new digital/social/analytics/content capabilities.SKILLS: best expertise for clients via trainings&bringing in talents with new skills.DREAM BIG:grow in cross/border projects. Winning our 1st INTL award, we knew we can do it. We’ve got RFPs from Europe/Asia/Mid East.We strengthened the partnership with MSLGROUP&FTI. We are strong independent company with great team,delivering excellent service, been in top 3 agencies the last 14 years. WHAT A YEAR we had!