Participants 2016

Employer Branding Campaign


VMware Bulgaria Employer Brand Development Annual Strategy

In 2016 the main communication priorities in regard to building a strong employer brand of VMware were focused on raising awareness about the transition of VMware Bulgaria from R&D center to customer-centric and multi-functional hub and the huge investments the company is making in local talents in order to change the image of Bulgaria as an outsourcing destination into a hub of innovations. The main challenges to overcome were connected to the highly competitive recruitment market with a huge number of tech companies targeting a limited number of senior tech specialists. We chose to focus of our strategic approach in the creative concept “Dare to inspire, lead, transform and make a positive impact”. The concept included in itself the messaging the Bulgarian employees develop key products with global impact, they develop disruptive products and services that transform the future of innovation, they ignite the spark of creativity within colleagues and customers, they make a positive impact on world by giving by 40 hours annually to community service and they determine the direction of their own careers. The employer branding strategy generated 5,9 million impressions in earned coverage, nearly doubled the audience of owned social media channels and realized the first virtual experience employer branding project - a mobile app designed with main goal to engage potential recruits with creative content about company’s values, working environment and benefits in a memorable way.