Participants 2016

Campaign, conducted by an in-house PR division


„Stronger Together. More opportunities for you“ - acquisition the operations of Alpha Bank – Branch Bulgaria

The acquisition by Postbank of Alpha Bank branch became Deal of 2016 (Forbes Business Awards) because it was a key event for the entire market. This was the first landmark deal in the consolidation process that has already started in the sector, which brought even greater stability to the whole banking system. As a bigger bank Postbank has more opportunities to grow and provide support for business endeavors and households’ plans.
The bank was able to finalize the operational merger of the two banks in an unprecedentedly short time, and all benefits from that were for its customers and employees.
In March 2016 Postbank successfully finalized the agreement to acquire the operations of Alpha Bank – Branch Bulgaria. At the time of the signing the legal contract, Alpha Bank became part of Postbank and both institutions started working as one legal entity, while the unification of banking systems and branch networks was still in process. By completion of the merge of the banks’ operational systems and sales networks, they made the final step towards the integration of their long experience, resources and expertise.
A communication campaign for the merger, under the slogan „Stronger Together. More opportunities for you“, was organized by the Corporate Communications and Marketing.
As this is a unique deal for the banking sector in Bulgaria, the successful campaign was crucial for the very smooth acquisition process and the integration of big number of employees and clients.