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Corporate blog - Mtel

The media changes drastically in the last few years. We live in an era of easy way to produce and spread news and information. Every company now is a media and every brand – a generator of content. Facebook page or Twitter account is not innovation in corporate communications anymore – it is a necessity now. The business generates tons of content in all channels, but most of it revolves only around the brands. But it matters mostly for the brand itself and in some cases it can catch consumer’s attention. Sooner or later this can break the bound with the users.
To solve this problem we reinvent the idea of the corporate blog. We decided to create a real online media for one of the major telecoms in Bulgaria – Mtel. Its new blog works more like a tech and lifestyle blog, rather than a traditional Mtel’s blog; it looks more like an online news outlet rather than a traditional corporate blog. And in some cases – we even outpaced some of tech and lifestyle sites in Bulgaria.
Meet the Mtel’s blog – from where Mtel’s brand talks from first person to the consumers. And its best place for interesting news and facts. Here you can find some of the latest news and analysis from the world of technology. The articles are written by well-known tech journalists and bloggers. The blog also features regular video reviews of different smartphones and gadgets and many advices on how to use technology to ease one’s everyday life. A full-fledged tech media run entirely by a telecom company.