Participants 2016

Innovative Campaign


Avon Nutra Effects - #48BeautyHours

We all know what most people think of cosmetics. It is a mask, a way to hide imperfections. In 2016 All Channels Communication and Avon met this thinking and we made it our purpose to change it. And we did! The campaign „Avon Nutra Effects – #48BeautyHours” changed the way customers look at their cosmetics as well as the perception that it could only make them look beautiful on the outside. Through an engaging and digitally focused multichannel campaign, we managed to build the brand authority from a brand for teenagers to a trustworthy consultant ready to give useful advice to women whenever it comes to taking care of the whole organism and not just the outside beauty. The campaign was executed on the occasion of the launch of the newest Avon discovery – a series of body care products with seeds – almond, chia, and flax seeds.

In order to build this new image for Avon, All Channels Communication had to keep the campaign as innovative as possible, to grab and keep the attention of all targeted audiences. We used the newest functionalities of the digital media and combined them with best working PR practices to build one campaign worth believing in. In the focus were the main advantages of the products – the nature and the promise of 48 hours of beautiful skin. We used them as main communication points to reach media, popular influencers customers. The main message: Women can feel beautiful on the inside and on the outside – anytime and anywhere, thanks to the nature.