Participants 2016

Internal Communications Campaign


VIVACOM Code of Ethics

VIVACOM is a company that focuses not only on providing the best services, but also on being responsible, employee- and customer-oriented. The company values are to be dynamic, effective, honest, innovative, inspired and responsible in every interaction, service and across all its operations in general. In order to reinforce those messages among the employees, VIVACOM has its Code of Ethics, which outlines the values and principles everybody in the company has to stand behind. On annual bases, all the employees are reminded of the values and ethical conduct, and is obliged to follow them in their everyday job routine. We brought those principles to life in an uplifting and encouraging employee-oriented campaign, organized under the concept “Play by the rules”. The main activity was to create an online game in which the employees were presented with 20 common situations they might face a certain moral dilemma in real life - from making protected documents and confidential information to money laundry or corruption bidding. Each situation was presented with cartoon characters, offered three possible answers/reactions, of which only one is supported in the Code of Ethics. By answering correctly the participants collected points for each right answer. The “Play by the rules” campaign was very positively accepted by the employees. 60% of all people on staff took part in the game, 67% of them passed the test with an excellent score.