Participants 2016

Corporate PR campaign


Postbank 25th Anniversary

In 2016 Postbank celebrated its 25th anniversary on the Bulgarian banking market under the headline We create the future with you. The name of the campaign reflects much more than the clear meaning line ‘past-present-future’ – it reassures Postbank’s brand promise to its customers and the society.
The campaign was organized in a strong synergy between Corporate Communications and marketing division of Postbank and its communications agency - BBDO Group. The communication itself was in line with the bank key message and carried the spirit of the nostalgia for the “good old days”, a strong trend in Bulgaria in 2016, but declaring that there is better time than yesterday and this is today – when we have clear vision how to achieve our goals.
The campaign strategy was integrating the communication of corporate news and launch of new products and services in line with the reputation of Postbank as modern and dynamic bank. The campaign’s goal was to make a clear statement that Postbank is changing and is an innovative, customer-oriented institution offering modern service solutions. We found the right way and path to communicate the processes inside of the bank - we created conceptual framework, in which every step of the change has even more meaning. Postbank has become recommended bank, preferred by the demanding and financially literate customers – 11% total growth of affluent customers and 95% growth in loyal customers, using four or more than four Postbank products.