Participants 2016

Communication Campaign of the Year


Believe in cinema

In times when hundred thousands of movies and series from all over the world are staying on the top of our fingers and arrive to our home computer within seconds, the oldest and most renowned international film festival in Bulgaria - Kinomania 2016 had set the goal to remain a counterpoint of watching movies in this solitary way.
On the contrary, convinced that cinema is an experience before all and that true cinema lovers want to share the moment of pleasure and emotion, the organizers of Kinomania 2016 eagerly encouraged people to “Believe in cinema”. Just as they do believe in their God. Because, honestly, cinema is even more than religion for all movie fans. With the help of contrite policeman, who has shot the factory of a powerful American corporation, confessing to a priest, humble cleaning woman, who revers in front of the image of Leonardo Di Caprio, mother and a child, scurrying on Sunday morning, not because they want to arrive at time for the church’s service, but… for the screening of their favorite movie, the 30th Anniversary of Kinomania boldly stated its long ago gained place in the hearts of its devoted fans with the brave slogan “Believe in cinema”.