Participants 2016

Corporate PR campaign



In today's increasingly dynamic IT environments, the ability to effectively access, manage, and secure both software and hardware assets is more critical than ever. Software provides the essential launchpad for creativity across numerous industries and human endeavors. Through transformational innovations such as apps and cloud computing, software supplies the mechanism through which innovative thinkers are delivering sweeping benefits that touch billions of lives each day. An important corollary associated with the growth and ubiquity of software is that cybersecurity is a top concern for businesses and organizations around the globe, and for good reason - 430 million new pieces of malware were discovered in 2015, up 36% from 2014.

As a responsible company Microsoft is committed to raise awareness among consumers and organizations around the world about the critical importance of the use of genuine software for protecting personal data, escaping the traps of malware and spyware, hackers’ attacks, i.e. cyber crimes in general. Following these continuous efforts, each year the company runs awareness campaign as a part of its corporate communications.