Participants 2016

Debut of the Year (launching a new product or service)


Launch of Fiber Net 1000

In December 2016, VIVACOM launched a new service - FiberNet 1000, the fastest Internet packages for end consumers and businesses - the most innovative offering by the company for the year and as such - the biggest piece of news in 2016 on the Bulgarian market of home and office connectivity. A strategy that relied on presenting the packages in an exciting and tangible way, focusing on the benefits clients would get from it was carried out under the creative concept “Experience the speed”.
FiberNet 1000 made its debut at an exciting media and bloggers’ event in the company of one of the most talented racing car pilots Pavel Lefterov. The guests were able to experience the speed firsthand on the passenger’s seat of Lefterov’s Nissan GTR, while their adrenaline rush was broadcasted live to the other attendees.
The well-planned campaign was aimed at raising awareness of its existence to early adopters from the general public and educating consumers with an active lifestyle and high demand for innovative technology on the specific features of the FiberNet 1000 packages and their competitive advantages. Extensive coverage followed soon enough, which reached 53% of the target group (Bulgarians, 25-50 y.o.) and provided them with 3 OTS (opportunities to see) on average per reached person.