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Digital campaign


UBB – UWIN – Cash vs. Bonus?

Cash vs. Bonus? – UWIN Loyalty program of UBB

M3 Communications Group, Inc. has created and developed a national digital campaign of the loyalty program of United Bulgarian Bank — UWIN. Its purpose was to promote the loyalty program to the cardholders of the bank and new customers, to educate the people about the bonuses when shopping with their card and to inform them about the program’s partners.

The groundbreaking campaign was called “Cash vs. Bonus?”, and was held on three different stages. The first of its kind campaign started back in May 2016 with a massive digital ads campaign, followed by redesign of the website, effective social media strategy, distinguishing educational content and added-value publications.

“Cash vs Bonus?” campaign, organized by M3 Communications Group, Inc. and United Bulgarian Bank, attracted more than 1,000,000 participants for a couple of months, as they became part of the campaign.

Overall, the campaign was a huge success, generating unprecedented levels of social buzz through unique concepts and creative ideas. The campaign exceeded expectations as it drove significant growth in share and increased penetration and achieved unprecedented reach and engagement.