Participants 2016

Debut of the Year (launching a new product or service)


Allterco – Keep Calm and Wear MyKi

If you take a walk in any of the big parks in Sofia city right now, it will probably take no more than 10 minutes for you to notice that there is some unusual calmness in the air. No parents are yelling at their kids to remind them not to go too far, no owners are running after their pets in order not to lose sight of them… everyone is just enjoying the good weather. How is this possible?! Thanks to the innovative product line MyKi of the IoT company Allterco Robotics.

The MyKi line includes two products:
- the children GPS/GSM watch MyKi:
- the pet tracker MyKi Pet, both of which aiming to “gift” calmness to users:

MyKi watch is a new generation device which enables parents to track their kids’ location via a special and free MyKi application and to communicate with them 24/7. The device serves as GPS, GSM and a smart watch at the same time and helps parents feel calmer about their kids’ safety. It is available in three colorful combinations and in just 1 year, MyKi watch turned into the favorite watch of 50,000 Bulgarian kids.

MyKi Pet, on the other hand, is the first Bulgarian pet tracker and one of the lightest in the world. It represents a smart leash and helps prevent losing your pet friend or someone stealing it.