Participants 2016

Communication Campaign in the Public Sector


European Mobility Week 2016 in Bulgaria

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK (EMW) is an annual week-long campaign of the European Commission that provides the opportunity to present sustainable mobility alternatives to residents of European cities and induce behavioral change towards sustainable transport. EMW is designed to engage municipal authorities and various organizations in a search for influencing mobility and urban transport issues, as well as to improve public health and quality of life.
In Bulgaria an information campaign is executed on a yearly basis as a part of the overall EMW campaign. Its cause is to unfold even further the local potential in the area of urban mobility and change public attitudes towards specific transportation issues. Activities under the campaign are planned and implemented by Interimage agency, as a partner of MOSTRA, a framework contractor of the EC.
In 2016, in the period August-September Interimage performed a series of activities as a warm-up campaign before and support during EMW (September 16-22). They aimed to bring closer to people in large cities the topic of smart urban mobility and suggest practical ways for every individual to become a part of the change. Activities included an outdoor photo exhibition ‘Faces of smart mobility in the city’, a photo wall and an information desk at the open-air cultural festival ‘Sofia Breathes’, support to organising EMW in 3 large cities and Smart Mobility Fest in Sofia, video shooting and social media action.