Participants 2016

Debut of the Year (launching a new product or service)


Avon Mark

In the beginning of 2017 All Channels Communication turned one brand into an inspiration. In a country where everybody else’s opinion is more important than our own, our brand Avon dared to launch a new cosmetic line with bright palettes and colorful cosmetic – something that is less popular among the more conservative society.

To make the new brand popular and wanted among women in Bulgaria, we created a strong digitally focused campaign that showed them how good it feels to be brave and to let you go. We inspired them through the most popular Bulgarian singer who told them nobody can tell them they cannot be themselves every moment of the day. We teased them and made them await the reveal of the brand. We made them talk about the new brand Mark before even Avon talked about it.

In the end, we had a whole society ready to experiment and be brave together with Avon. We positioned the brand among one of the top choices for brave and extraordinary women who want to leave their MARK.

How did we do that? We were brave and exciting ourselves!