Participants 2016

Cause-related marketing campaign



NIVEA Tales is a unique range of collectable tins that showcase the exciting adventures of a young boy and his friend along with a rabbit and a cute little Fairy. The limited editions comprise of four illustrated special designs on the NIVEA Creme tins.
Story-telling is one of the most magical times shared between the mother and the child. Through stories the parent teaches the child the various values of life in a fun filled environment. NIVEA Tales was developed with the clear objective of augmenting this experience. Each story has been designed around a specific life value like “trust”, “courage”, etc. that parents will find inspirational to share with kids.
Bulgaria ranks first in Europe by the number of abandoned children – an average of 2000 children per year, half of whom abandoned right after birth. After being abandoned, those children often disappear from the eyes of the public. They spend their childhood in specialized facilities, away from traditional family values and not being able to receive the care and attention every kid needs.
In order to create maximum awareness about the fate of those children, we decided to approach a wide range of ambassadors from various fields of public life and ask them to do one simple thing to support the campaign and show their engagement – write a fairy tale. We invited not only media, celebrities and influencers to do it, but former dwellers of the SOS Children’s Villages as well. And so they did.