Participants 2016

Cause-related marketing campaign


Mastercard & World Food Programme Campaign

Mastercard and the UN World Food Programme (WFP) have partnered since 2012 to deliver innovative solutions to help creating a world with zero hunger. In many developing countries, school meals are often the only regular, nutritious meal a child receives. In 2016, Mastercard had planned to expand its support of WFP to a new country: Rwanda. Their plan included donating the value of over 3.5 million meals to thousands of school children in need in Rwanda, where a recent nutrition report found that 43 percent of children under age five are chronically malnourished. For each Mastercard transaction in the period, September –October the value of one school meal was donated to the WFP, up to €750.000 among all participating countries, one of which was Bulgaria. The campaign had to raise awareness about Mastercard and WFP campaign, to educatе customers about the campaign mechanism and increase the online payments with Mastercard on The focus was to present the campaign to parents in Bulgaria who are most likely to be involved in such a cause by using the emotional messages related to the situation in Africa. United Partners used a combination of effective channels and tactics to plan and execute this campaign: endorsement and influencers relations, media and bloggers relations, social media interactions, the event - various communications channels and approaches so that it can reach more consumers who support it.