Participants 2016

Digital campaign


MasterCard and Solar Music Festival Campaign

Mastercard was the official partner of the Solar Music Festival, organized by Yalta Club, in Bulgaria. Solar Music Festival is part of the world famous festival platform “Solar” and one of the most visited festivals in Bulgaria. The festival brings together million fans of the electronic music and gives them a chance to meet the best world DJs from the electronic scene. The partnership was a part of Mastercard’s Priceless platform which aims to provide to customer unique experiences, privileged access and attractive offers across a series of passion points including dining, sports, shopping, arts and culture. The partnership with Solar Festival was part of Priceless Surprises, which concept is simple - just by using Mastercard, cardholders can get surprised in big and small ways. From digital iTunes song downloads, to instant seat upgrades at events, to meeting world class entertainers and etc.
The communication campaign have to raise awareness about this partnership and inform the target audience for the opportunities that Mastercard provide, increase the contactless payments during the all of the supported events and increase awareness benefits from the contactless payments in general. As the target audience consist mainly from young active people, the activations were focused in the digital channels, using influencer opinion, bloggers relation, special media materials and gamification and a lot of activities in Mastercard and Yalta social media channels.