Participants 2016

Cause-related marketing campaign


From Love to Life – Avon against breast cancer

“From Love to Life” is a campaign that has been fighting breast cancer for 15 years. It has 20 national and international awards, the latest of which was the first place in Marketing with a Cause from BBLF. Although this is a women disease, the campaign addresses the entire society, sending the message that we all have mothers, friends or wives that are threatened by it. These messages are communicated during the whole year, gaining strong support from celebrities, media and influencers. The campaign raises money through philanthropy products sold in Avon’s brochures and online shop.
As the campaign is popular enough in Bulgaria but started to lose its influence, the main objective in 2016 was to awake people’s emotions and make them want to be heroes. We had to be innovative in order to drag the attention again but we also had to honor the tradition this campaign has. So, we kept the most emotional elements from the past years but integrated them with trendy digital technologies to reach the most active part of the target group. We decided to inspire the whole society to show its support through one simple gesture – a symbolic hug. We used this as unifying element that gave the name of the campaign – “Hug me! From Love to Life!” In the campaign, we included online and offline activities meant to make people feel like they are part of on group that changes the lives of the victims.