Participants 2016

Employer Branding Campaign


Behr-Hella Thermocontrol – employer branding, the fight for talents!

Employer branding from scratch: For Interimage work to assist the emergence and the development of the employer brand of Behr-Hella Thermocontrol Bulgaria (BHTC) has been something like a “green-field” communications project. The company based in Germany manufactures climate control systems and is among worldwide leaders in the automotive sector. Its official launch in Bulgaria was in 2015 and it built its Bulgarian plant with the ambition to be a pioneer – its facility was the first one in the brand new Sofia-Bozhurishte Industrial Area. At that stage Interimage was hired to deliver communications clout aimed to match this pioneering ambition.
A stakeholder puzzle to solve: In the case with BHTC this involved close cooperation of the agency with the company’s HR department, and both strategic and tactical inputs in communication with a wide range of stakeholders. Among them are the investor and business community in Bulgaria, the community of German businesses in this country, the workers and staff in the plant, prospective personnel including university students and people from the plant’s area, the municipal authority and the local community in Bozhurishte (that belongs to greater Sofia), neighboring Slivnitsa and Dragoman, as well as media relations.
Added value: The agency planned its strategy so as to be able to deliver added value to the work of HR staff, and to support BHTC in building the foundations of dialogue with various social and professional groups.