Participants 2016

Debut of the Year (launching a new product or service)


Every word reaches you

“Every Word Reaches You” is a joint project of Samsung Bulgaria and Listen Up Foundation, organization that specifically supports the hearing impaired. The project was launched in 2016 and aims to integrate and provide equal access to education, career and other social services to the deaf people in Bulgaria via the life-changing capabilities of Samsung’s technology.
Samsung Bulgaria and Listen Up Foundation developed an innovative speech-to-text transformation mobile platform answering the needs of deaf people and that is currently changing the learning experience for the Bulgarian students with impaired hearing. The pilot phase of the project was implemented at Prof. Dr. Decho Denev School for children with hearing disabilities. In 2017, the service is already being developed to become automatized and cover more schools, universities and organizations.
The goal of the communication campaign was to announce the pilot phase and communicate the benefits of the application to the target audiences. Further, the campaign aimed to raise awareness and attract the attention of the general public to the lack of equal access for the hearing impaired.
As the primary target audience can be found mainly online, the communication campaign used various digital channels and social media to reach them. Further, more traditional approach was used to reach the general public and start a discussion on the problem and Samsung and Listen Up’s solution.