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Rolling Museum

The ‘Rolling museum’ is a cultural – educational project showing the history of art (across the centuries in Bulgaria), designed by Easyart Foundation & Societe Generale Expressbank (SGEB). The project targets children from 3 to 14 y.o. and their parents. The museum travels around Bulgaria for several weekends in a row in summertime, stopping for a day in the downtown of the respective city opens the 8 thematic ateliers for a day and welcomes children for free.
The Rolling Museum presents the art history of arts in the Bulgarian lands in an interactive and engaging way. It has dedicated ateliers that are showing the various epochs, starting from prehistoric times, passing through the Thracian, Roman and Protobulgarian periods, the Golden Age, Middle Ages, Bulgarian Revival, and the Liberation Art period.
The format: an exhibition area which consists of eight ateliers, each one dedicated to the respective time period, showing children specific drawing techniques that they could try themselves. The Rolling Museum itself is a large caravan, reconstructed in a museum, where kids that have passed through all the 8 ateliers can arrange replicas of the most famous artifacts and pieces of art.
During the period 2013-2016, the Museum has visited 9 cities around Bulgaria: Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Ruse, Pleven, Vratza and Blagoevgrad, some of them more than once