Participants 2016

Special event


Need for winter speed – welcome to the dark side

High speed driving through darkness and snow sounds dangerous enough to discourage most people. But riding in the front seat, next to 18-times rally champion Ilia Tzarski, while he drifts on the icy forest road at night with more than 150 km/h…that is something a high speed fan can never forget. This is exactly the experience we delivered to all the guests of our Night Winter Test Drive with rally champion Ilia Tzarski and fuels from EKO Bulgaria. Every guest had the opportunity to become Tzarski’s navigator and ride next to him while his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 ate the white road like a Pacman. The event was held in Borovets - one of Bulgaria’s most popular winter resorts, on a closed segment of the republican road net Borovets – Beli Iskar, used traditionally as a shakedown for rally “Bulgaria”. The atmosphere was pumped with adrenaline and even the freezing temperatures of minus 18 degrees Celsius couldn’t lower the elevated spirits. In addition, such an event had never been organized in our country before. Test drives are awesome, night test drives are harder, but night winter test drives are on a whole other level. It was something new and unique and it caught the attention of all auto-moto media. We offered them a sensation, which even money cannot buy. As a result, we scored an impressive coverage, we built up our client’s social image and the event became a hot topic for weeks to come.