Participants 2016

Communication Campaign of the Year


Back to the Future

In 2016 Siemens Bulgaria celebrated 200-year anniversary of the inventor, entrepreneur and founder of Siemens AG Werner von Siemens with a campaign named "Back to the Future." It was aimed at promoting the life, achievements, inventions and legacy of Siemens among different groups using different communication channels and tactics to reach the target audiences and to meet the objectives. Part of "Back to the Future" was the presentation of the new slogan of Siemens AG "Ingenuity for life" and the philosophy behind it. On the anniversary year, the company changed its slogan to reflect the original philosophy of Siemens' innovations for the benefit of the people. In a broader sense, the campaign aimed to inspire people to not stop looking, inventing and changing the world for the better. The campaign was planned and implemented by Action Global Communications Bulgaria for Siemens Bulgaria.