Participants 2016

Campaign, conducted by an in-house PR division


“The Forgotten Story of Stiliyana”

The Forgotten Story of Stiliyana is a campaign launched by BNT through which the public media not only promoted forgotten pages from the Bulgarian history but it also brought innovative approach to the mission of the public media. Numerous facts related to the first Bulgarian flag and its creator were discovered within the campaign. A documentary was produced and a version of it – a video lesson adapted for secondary school students. The campaign included all Bulgarian schools, including those abroad, Bulgarian communities around the world while on the eve of the national Liberation Day, 3rd of March, the campaign became a highlight during the official celebrations.
The initiative gives opportunity to Bulgarian students to learn about who, when and how the Bulgarian flag was created. The missing story from the textbooks is now included in the curriculums of Bulgarian secondary schools. The campaign started on the 3rd of March 2016 and was developed on the eve of 24th of May 2016 with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES). BNT producer Nadya Obretenova and reporter Blagoy Tztzelkov came up with the idea for the campaign. It was supported with the messages of the news anchors of the BNT news programme. The national competition for students’ essay Inspirers became a natural sequel of the campaign The Forgotten Story of Stilyana.