Participants 2016

Employer Branding Campaign


Experian Developers Campaign

Experian focused on enlarging the developers capacity in the office in Sofia, and in the period March 2016 – February 2017 it launched a campaign for hiring IT specialists. Hence, we had to position Experian as the leading employer in the IT sector. Our strategy was to boost the standard HR tools, by enhancing the online presence, promoting the employees’ expertise and the spirit of the company, and creating opportunities for direct communication with potential employees.

As a result, we engaged directly with the project more than 20 employees, turning them into company’s ambassadors, we created positive attitude among the employees, we reached approximately 400K targeted audience on Facebook and triggered more than 490K visits to the company’s profiles in HR specialized platforms. In addition, we approached directly approximately 3.5K IT specialists. We generated approximately 30 materials (articles and interviews) on the topic in business and IT media. Moreover, the HR goals, which were set at the beginning of the campaign, were met.