Participants 2016

Cause-related marketing campaign


I want to stay to study and work in Bulgaria

"Helping needy students who want to stay in school and work in Bulgaria" is the name of the campaign, which started at the official ceremony VIP Business Awards 2016, which initiates scholarships to needy excellent.
With the competition by writing an essay young people can receive a full scholarship for higher education in their chosen universities. The initiative of the Agency for Public Communications VIP Communication PR was supported Rotary Club - Samokov and ERP Academy Bulgaria. The organizers have already made the first donation to the campaign.The campaign aims to promote ever-increasing opportunities for Bulgarian children in Bulgaria with the Bulgarian economy and the introduction of European and global companies in the country who found new jobs. At the same time there is a shortage of qualified staff, with the vast majority of demand in the IT sector - about 50 000 Bulgarians are not enough specialized in this sector. More and more companies invest in education in order to prepare personnel for the country's economy.