I. Debut of the Year (launching a new product or service)

Campaigns for a new product/service launch on the market that have generated remarkable response among target publics and the wider public by prioritizing PR tools; campaigns with neatly structured PR activities at every single stage of the campaign – concept, planning, preparation, implementation and accomplished results; campaigns that have been instrumental to creating distinct awareness of the name/brand of the product/service. 

II. Communications Campaign of the Year

This category is open to campaigns for development and management of corporate reputation, presentation of products and services, crisis management communications campaigns, campaigns targeting the internal publics of the company or campaigns demonstrating clear strategy, reliable implementation and effective results. Campaigns that are visible, have become popular and enjoy wide public response.

III. Communications Campaign in the Public Sector

The objective of this category is to distinguish significant campaigns impkemented under projects financed by pre-accession programs and/or the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund and/or other EU, international and national sources of grants. Successfully implemented projects with long-term effect and clearly recognizable by target public and society.

IV. Innovative Campaign

Projects using innovative PR resources or a combination of common communication tools however used in an innovative and unconventional way to accomplish goals set. This category is open to initiatives that stand out with exceptional originality of the idea, creativity in its implementation and a PR strategy demonstrating measurable results.

V. Campaign, conducted by an in-house PR division

Communications campaigns implemented by internal corporate PR departments without involvement of  PR agencies. Campaigns in this category may be targeted to either external or internal audiences but in any case demonstrating an unconventional approach and effectiveness. 

VI. Corporate PR campaign

PR campaigns involving a mix of tools and resources that have become an indelible part of corporate development for building a positive public image of an organization by means of communications with external publics: media, partners, opinion leaders, a wide range of stakeholders. Favored projects will be ones in which implemented PR tools have had a clear impact on reputation and have contributed to a leading position/distinct advantages of the company versus its competitors on the market.

VII. Employer Branding Campaign

This category is focused on campaigns aimed to build a long-term positive image of an organization as a desired and preferred employer, as an economic player with sustainable development and a contribution into human resources on the market where it operates. Entry campaigns should reveal applied successful practices for building awareness, relationship of company and product/service and loyalty, as well as clarify the goals and values of the company and involve actively employees in various employer projects.

VIII. Crisis Communications

This category is open to campaigns focused on effective measures taken in a situation of a corporate crisis, as well as on sustainable instruments for crisis prevention or action plans in response to extraordinary corporate situations. Entries should present a clear plan comprising appropriate steps for counteraction and solving the situation; good organization of the team, activities and communication channels as well as accomplished results.

IX. Internal Communications Campaign

Campaigns targeted at employees / human resources in a company. Projects should present how implemented activities engage and motivate the persons employed by the organization regardless of their place in hierarchy. Results should be quoted reflecting the motivation of teams, the long-term character of labor relations, the proactivity and work satisfaction at the company.

X. Digital Campaign

This category covers campaigns that have prioritized use of mostly online channels, social media and digital technology as an alternative to conventional PR tools. Projects are expected to demonstrate creativity and innovation in using various formats, coupled with accomplished results measurable with the metrics of a digital environment. 

XI. Public Affairs  Campaign

Campaigns especially designed to achieve corporate objectives and work to the benefit of corporate interest involving stakeholders of high public status – national and international institutions, politicians, local government, non-government organizations, business communities and media.

XII. Cause-related marketing campaign

Marketing campaigns pertaining to topics of social relevance and usefulness, encouraging dialogue between the business and the stakeholders. Campaigns which are not primarily commercial or corporate. This category singles out activities with non-profit objectives and ones contributing to positive developments in a certain sphere of life or regarding a problem.

XIII. Special Event

Projects and special events demonstrating outstanding achievements and innovative approach at every stage of execution - preparation, implementation and accomplished results. Projects will be encouraged that display reliable logistics, a strong creative and effective results no matter if these are events for 10, 100 and 1000 participants.

XIV. Agency of the Year

This category distinguishes communications agencies showing distinct market achievements under the form of a campaign for a client or own results /financial, in the fields of innovation or human resources, prizes won, a remarkable public standing of the manager or owner etc. / identified in the year of submission of entry. The Agency of the Year should make clear its business development strategy, the enlargement of its client portfolio and revenues, tools for measurement of accomplished results, successful practices for conducting research (surveys), investment in the team, as well as received PR distinctions during the year. For evaluation, awards from entries in various categories of the respective edition of BAPRA Bright Awards will be considered an advantage.

Special category: University Students Project

*the only category that will be judged by a jury of leading Bulgarian professionals in the field of mass communications.
Project theme: „Innovative methods of communication with the generation of millennials“.
Send your projects as PowerPoint presentation with up to 10 slides on e-mail: till 10.04.2017, 23:59 pm. The applications should be on Bulgarian and include the following basic points:

1. A brief outline of the project

2. Definition of the communication problem

3. A strategic approach

4. Information about the project’s implementation

5. Effectiveness and achieved results

6. Name, university & contact details of author/team