Участници 2017

Агенция на годината


SiteMedia Consultancy - Agency of the year

For 12 months SiteMedia Consultancy has grown from a very small agency to a significant player on the market due to its new team and new management style. A lot of improvements were made to the managing style, client relations, team work, new positioning and brand identity, new services for the Bulgarian market. The clients’ portfolio was enlarged 4 times. New contracts were signed with big international clients like Telenor, Coca-Cola HBC, Microsoft, HP Inc, Lidl and others.
For the last 12 months SiteMedia Consultancy implemented a lot of communication campaigns, which reached thousands of mentions and articles in more than 64 countries in 5 continents.
SiteMedia’s office TheSite won the award for The Most Innovative Office of the Year for 2016.
SiteMedia’s GM Mr. Lubomir Alamanov was rewarded for Community Relations Professional of the Year for 2016 by PR News in Washington.